While on a gospel tour in the USA earlier this year (2016), God instructed Bishop Isaiah Mbuga to raise 5 million youth around the world; Spirit filled and discipled by the year 2020.

This vision poses a global mandate for the ministry to reach out to different parts of the world sharing the word of God and empowering youth all over the world to be the main participants by leading fellow youth to the Vision 2020 goals.

The vision requires a lot of time, and resources for it to be successful and as such we need partners and ambassadors from around the world to be stewards of this cause as we see massive expansion in God’s Kingdom.

We invite you to carry this mandate with us in two simple ways;

By becoming partners financially to the cause; This is to enable us travel to different countries discipling the leaders in these countries and empowering them to expand the vision. The partnership will also enable us to come up with study materials for the different teachings that we get involved in.

By becoming ambassadors who will lead others to the cause on top of guiding the operations in the different countries. These shall represent the vision in their different countries and also help with operations like collecting data, liaising with partner ministries etc.However they will have go through our discipleship training and a short camp on Vision 2020.