Living our lives for Christ, following, learning, listening, observing and experiencing life directly with Jesus through his word, his counsel and instruction from Godly mature Christians

The meaning of a disciple is someone who pledges to be a learner and a student. Someone who follows another’s teaching and diligently adheres to it.

Discipleship is the foundation of the able minister; both skilled in the word and ministration and matured in the life of God. Willing to spend and be spent for the gospel. Every disciple must have a discipline experience; In discipleship: obedience isn’t an option. Obedience must be continuous. Luke 9:23, Gal 2:20

Matthew 4:19; what did Jesus mean follow me according to the Spirit?

The “follow me call” that Jesus gave the disciples is a set apart call, to be taught, challenged, tried so that we can see and adhere to the divine commission of the Lord. The call to discipleship involves patience, encouragement and harmony. (Matthew 4:18-20, Rom. 15:1-13).

Christianity without discipleship is Christianity without God and that is why Jesus specifically took time to make disciples of himself.  Discipleship is both a commitment and a process. Commitment involves time and self-denial.

We must follow Christ. In order for one to be a good leader, one must be a good follower. If you are not under instruction, you cannot give instruction. (Mathew 8:8-10)

Discipleship must come from the place of self-denial for the sake of the one who disciples them. Forget yourself right. Disregard your interests. No man can successfully live in God when they are alive. Salvation costs Christ time, money and death to self. God doesn’t work well with living people; die. A soldier dies way before they go to the battle field because their conscience is already that of a dead man.

A life of a disciple is a life of love (John 13: 34-35). When you love one another then they will know that you are my disciples. All things may fail but love will never fail.

Discipleship involves, reading your bible and prayer. In Mark 3:14, Christ called them to be with Him. He wanted them to fully understand what they were getting into. At that point, Jesus was the living word (John 1:1ff). You need to read the word too if you are going to be disciple successfully. You must produce results. John 8:31

Matthew 22:14. Many are called but few are chosen, take the road that is given you.

Church is when we go to the world and preach and they see God in us. Ecclesiastes 11:6 when you put the little you know to use it will grow faster.

Humility should be your core motivation as you relate to people around you. Don’t come up to people like you know it all, avoid pride it puts off people around you.

Accept other people the way they are just like you are accepted too. Christ found them fishermen and with what they were he turned them fishers of men. We must love and accept people even when they have not loved us back. It’s Christ that loves the unlovable through us. Bare with one another Phil. 2:5, Prov. 16:18.

Pride leads to low self-esteem James 5:16, Matthew 13:47-48.

James 5:16 Prayer for others, don’t be quick to write off people, love people.

Every disciple must have the uttermost or full devotion. Just as the master must they carry the heart, the spirit or the burden of the master, so must the disciple.  Your love for Christ must drive you to give up certain things.

We need to spend time with God. There is nothing that grows the anointing faster than communion. Prayer should never replace communion. (They are different). Prayer should not be from the mindset of an obligation.

Followers are different from disciples

Jesus first called them to follow; then he would disciple them. Followers never have any responsibility assigned to them, they merely add to the number.

Although Jesus had many followers, only the disciples were expected to have a certain level of discipline. (Matt 26:40)

Topic Reflection & Application:

Consider the great demand and cost of 12 disciples who left family and jobs, if you were placed in that same, will you have been willing to give up as much as they did?


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