The Art of War

These are the nations that God left there. He did it to train the descendants of Israel, the ones who had no battle experience, in the art of war. Judges 3:1-3

There are things that will go when we pray and believe.
There are other things that will go when we pray and resist.
One of those things is the devil. In the book of James, the Bible says,
“Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

It doesn’t say, “Speak to the devil”; it says resist.
It doesn’t say, “Confess”; it says resist.
It doesn’t say, “Smile”; it says resist.

Resisting is a form of spiritual warfare. Rest is another form of warfare. Hebrews 4:11 says,
“Strive to enter the rest”.

If I am supposed to rest the moment I enter Christ, why does He tell me to strive to enter? These are hard questions which must be answered by each of us.

We have to get into certain disciplines such as the discipline of prayer.

Excerpt from sermon: ‘Amazing Grace’ – Bishop Isaiah Mbuga, 16-02-16

Heavenly Father, thank You for this wisdom of spiritual warfare imparted to me today.
I resist the devil because I have entered into the rest. Oh! Thank You for the victory that I have daily in whatever situation in Christ Jesus! Praises be to Your Name. Amen.

Scriptures: Heb 4:11, Jas 4:7, Judges 3:1-3
Topics: Warfare

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